We do more, you pay less.

How our free-of-charge amenities help you work smarter.

Little things add up: Make the most of your budget at Cobalt.
On a typical “warehouse stage” shoot” you start out with nothing but a big box, then you rent all the items you need for your workspace, down to the last chair. At Cobalt, there’s no need to rent or carry in the basic amenities—and we won’t bill you for them, either. Our curated amenities radically simplify your set-up process, and your bill won’t look like you went on a Whole Foods bender.

Your production is our purpose.
Cobalt exists to support Production Companies, Advertising Agencies, and other Content Producers, so you can focus on the work. That’s why we make sure everything you need is easily accessible. From walkies and wardrobe racks to stingers and stands, we’re generous with all the extras that make your production more comfortable, convenient and cost-effective.

We handle the details. You focus on the big picture.
Cobalt was founded by artists and producers, so we understand how to create the best experience for you—and your clients. When you host clients at Cobalt, the difference is striking. Our networked client lounge and support areas come complete with every thoughtful detail, and they’re always complimentary. Schedule a tour and see how our turnkey studio helps you boost your productivity and make the most of your budget.

Experience Greater New York's Turnkey Soundstage

We offer what no other production studio on the east coast can -our state-of-the-art soundstage and support spaces, Virtual Set and Motion Control tools, and a comprehensive inventory of production equipment-all under one roof.

The ultimate client experience.
Our streamlined, supportive approach offers our clients an unprecedented layer of hospitality and convenience. Thoughtful amenities like the live HD feed throughout our client support spaces keeps everyone on set well-connected.

Powerfully equipped for productivity.
Our turnkey soundstage and robust equipment inventory are completely unique on the East Coast. For supplemental equipment, we can leverage our long term vendor relation-ships to get the best deals and service for our clients.

Virtual Set at Virtually No Extra Cost.

Test drive real-time camera tracking as part of your Cobalt stage experience.

Experience immersive VR. Explore your CG set in real-time.
There are many levels of implementation, from real-time camera tracking to fully immersive VR. We can give you a hands-on demo, OR by using our camera and pre-mapped lenses, you can get camera tracking data as part of your stage rental.

Virtual sets have come of age.
Just a decade ago, virtual sets were in their infancy-photo-realistic production values weren't yet possible. Today, tools are ubiquitous, artists are plentiful and the results are stunningly photo-realistic.

Experience the benefits of virtual sets.
Virtual Sets can place a story in any setting you can imagine, for a fraction of the cost, time and ecological impact of shooting on location or set-building.

Tour our Virtual Backlot.
Hollywood studios rely on virtual sets to produce award-winning effects, but access to the technology is very limited. Our Virtual Backlot marks the first time this invaluable technology is available to the public on the East Coast.

Elevate Your Image.

Use our Epic 6K Dragon and Leica Summicron lenses when you rent our soundstage!

We're as passionate about image crafting as you are.
To inspire creativity at the highest level, we make some of our most stunning equipment available to you when you rent our world-class soundstage.

Summicron stands for powerful performance.
Leica Summicron lenses have long been the standard by which other lenses are judged. Our Leica Summicron lenses are the exact set used to shoot the feature film “The Revenant,” which won an Academy Award for Best Cinematography.

Epic detail. Rich, nuanced images.
Our Epic 6K Dragon captures over 9x more pixels than HD. From large objects to granule textures, 6K images cultivate the nuance of every image, leaving nothing behind. When outputting 6K files to 4K or HD, your image will appear more refined and detailed compared to those captured at lower resolutions.

Look your best at Cobalt.
We’re here to empower you to create your best work, so we’re committed to delivering equipment excellence and the ultimate client experience, every time. Take advantage of our amazing inventory of production tools and elevate your image on your next project with us!

Get Cyc-ed About Our Cyc.

With Massive Size Comes Tremendous Flexibility.

Ample room to work.
Perfect for long or short term shoots, our 20’ high 3 wall cyc measures 52’ X 95’ X 22’, and can be delivered in any color, depending on your production needs.

Virtually infinite possibilities.
For virtual set production, a good cyc studio is essential-our gigantic cyc, cement floor, drive-on soundstage and street level load-in capabilities deliver exceptional accessibility and convenience.

Focus on motion control.
In addition to our cyc, our clients also have convenient access to our comprehensive inventory of motion control equipment-the largest and most diverse on the East Coast.