Don’t sleep on this powerful, practical technology.

Virtual Sets are cutting edge, not bleeding edge.

Movie magic made accessible.

Today, Virtual Set technology is less expensive than traditional sets and location shoots, and the tools and artists are plentiful. Cobalt’s Virtual Backlot marks the first time it’s available to the public on the East Coast, so there will never be a better time to lead the way and start leveraging this invaluable technology.

But is it believable? 

A major misconception about Virtual Sets is that the audience will know it’s ‘not real’. This was a problem in the past, but the introduction of hyper-realistic rendering solved the issue. Virtual Sets now enhance the audience experience by creating vast, photorealistic environments like “Black Panther’s” mythical country Wakanda, which included 6 virtual miles of futuristic cityscape, complete with 60,000 individual buildings.

And the Oscar goes to… “The Jungle Book” VFX team, who won the 2017 Oscar for Best Visual Effects! The film’s live action storytelling was set in a fully-imagined, utterly convincing virtual world – and there was no other way this work would have been possible without using VSet. To get inspired, check out this featurette on the team’s extraordinary work. Link here.