Welcome to Hollywood on the Hudson.

Cobalt’s 12,000 sq. ft. production facility features a 7,000 sq. ft. turnkey soundstage, 20 ft. ceilings, and state-of-the-art equipment rentals.

Experience the Tri-State’s Premier Soundstage.

Cobalt is committed to delivering the most comfortable and convenient soundstage experience possible for creative professionals. We save our clients significant cost and effort by keeping the most innovative and comprehensive inventory of production tools and technologies on the East Coast—all under one roof. And to further exceed expectations, we offer it together with our world class support and hospitality.


Planned, precise
and automated.

Motion control technology programs camera movements so they can be repeated as many times at it takes to get the perfect footage. Our Gazelle Motion Control Camera System is sized optimally for live-action use with a six-foot boom arm for a lens height of up to ten feet in its standard configuration, and over 10 feet in alternate configurations.

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Amazing production value,
significant cost reduction.

Virtual Sets can place a story in any setting you can imagine, for a fraction of the cost, time and ecological impact of shooting on location or set-building. Outside of major studios, access to the technology is very limited, so we’re making virtual sets available in the NY area for the first time ever.

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Fully equipped and
ahead of the curve.

Our cutting-edge technology and tools are curated and updated by seasoned professionals for the ultimate client experience. We package our extensive in-house grip and lighting equipment to save clients a substantial amount of time and money, empowering them to bypass logistical challenges and focus on the work.

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The optimal client experience.

Our formula is unique, going beyond the blank-slate stage to provide access to breakthrough technology in a comfortable, convenient setting. Located conveniently in Hoboken, aka The West, West Village, (closer to Midtown than Brooklyn) our boutique hotel-inspired client suite features amenities like monitors everywhere, so everyone stays connected and on cue.

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