Everyone’s talking about heading to Ulster County in the Hudson Valley for financial incentives. Take a peek at the info video above & read, read, read below. 💥💥💥

What New York doesn’t know about Ulster County Tax Incentives

The Hudson Valley is open for business…the Film business. There are many reasons the Industry is flocking northward, but the tax incentives in Ulster County are TOPS.

The New York State Film Tax Credit Program now offers some of the nation’s most stable and successful production and post-production tax credits with as much as 25% on below-the-line costs and up to 40% on post-production.

An additional 10% is available on below-the-line labor for feature film or TV shows budgeted at $500,000 and above.

The Post-Production Tax Credit program can be allocated and used to encourage companies to post their film projects in New York and help create and maintain film industry jobs. Production companies may be eligible to receive a fully refundable credit of 40-45% of qualified post-production costs incurred in New York State.

An additional 5% credit may also be available for costs incurred in Upstate NY.

Great right?
But that’s not all, because Ulster County Rocks 🎸WOODSTOCK STYLE 🎸

The Ulster County Film Finance Program debuted in 2017 to encourage more film, television, commercial production, and post-production within the County.

An initial commitment of $8 million by four local banking institutions may be used to provide cash advances on distribution contracts with top-tier distributors of films, as well as bridge financing on projects that have approved New York State tax credits, but are waiting for the money to arrive.

The program also offers favorable loans for equipment, property, capital improvements, and lease fit-outs for post-production facilities in Ulster County. Finally, there are local bank accounts and debit cards available for qualified production companies.

These are just a few of the reasons Hollywood on the Hudson is booming. Stay tuned to learn even more about the region, Virtual Production (naturally), and more. Want to talk about your project soon? Hit the buttons below.

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