How Modern Filmmakers Use Virtual Production: A Few Examples

From developing post-apocalyptic landscapes to aging characters over decades, Virtual Production technology has been a game-changer for the Industry.

Here, we take a quick minute to explore some of the standout films and performances that have taken advantage of VP, showcasing the innovation and creativity that drives today’s filmmaking.

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Summer is Swinging in Woodstock… and at Cobalt!

Summer is finally here and the Cobalt Team couldn’t be more excited to show new clients and old friends everything in Woodstock.

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DogTV Takes Over Cobalt

Case Study: DogTV came to town!

What happens when there's a language barrier between you and your main talent? Cobalt is prepared so things don't get too ruff ruff for our clients!

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Hosting Charlamagne tha God and a Cast of 30

Case Study: We hosted Charlamagne tha God in a shoot with a cast of 30! 

Read about how we were able to pull off the last-minute shoot, with less than a few days of prep...

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Our NEW 12K camera!! Her name’s URSA: The Ursa Mini Pro 12K

At Cobalt Stages, you can unlock loads of creative potential with access to our premier soundstage and top-of-the-line equipment.

We offer an array of elite production tools to elevate your projects to new heights!

In this blog, you can say hello to our little friend, the Ursa Mini Pro 12K!

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Upgrade Your Visual Story with Our High-Performance Production Tools

To inspire creativity at the highest level, we make some of our most cutting-edge equipment available to you when you rent our world-class soundstages.

The Mo-Sys StarTracker is one pretty wow example. It's a real-time optical camera tracking system that uses 'Stars' on the ceiling.🌟

Virtual Production at its finest! How can this technology benefit your project?

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Cobalt Produces Multiple Episodes for Global Brand Using Virtual Production: A Case Study

We recently wrapped an incredible project for an international brand (you’ve definitely heard of them), and would love to take a minute to talk about it.

Of course, we understand how secrets work, so we’re taking a ride on the vague train! Not to worry, we’ll cautiously break it down for you as we’re highly aware of what can and cannot be shared ;)

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Ulster County Spring Events.

So, you’re working at Cobalt Woodstock, or visiting Ulster County this year, and you’re itching to get out and see what’s happenin’... We don’t blame you.

Where can you find adventure this year? 🍄🍃

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Cobalt’s Current Collaborations!

Spring has sprung here in Woodstock and the team at Cobalt has a bunch of new projects flowering.

From recreating turn-of-the-century Europe to taking the lead on sci-fi, we’ve got some exciting stuff coming up!

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How an Image Creation Pipeline Facilitates Virtual Production.

Image pipelines are the secret sauce behind Virtual Production and fantastical visual effects. What’s in an image creation pipeline? Check it out…

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