With our Virtual Backlot, you have the power to place a story in any setting you can imagine, for a fraction of the cost, time and environmental impact of set-building or shooting on location.

Virtual Sets, Past and Present.

Just a decade ago, virtual sets were in their infancy—photorealistic production values weren’t yet possible, and tools and artists were scarce. Today it’s a whole new world. Hollywood studios depend on the technology to produce their award-winning effects. Tools are ubiquitous, artists are plentiful and the results are stunningly photorealistic.

Benefits of Virtual Sets.

We made this breakthrough technology available to the public because the benefits are so stunning. Directors can see the full composite and choreograph accordingly. DPs can better compose shots and motivate or cue lighting. Actors see the context they’re working in and clients ‘get it’ on the spot. And the money and time saved cannot be overstated.

How Virtual Sets Work.

To “build” a virtual environment, our clients engage a CG artist, who typically uses a pre-existing 3D geometry as a starting point. When the customized environment is approved, we use a low res version of your FBX file, green screen mat and sensors on our digital camera to show a composite on the monitor that includes the virtual environment, actors and props. After the shoot, our clients receive a thumb drive containing the frame-accurate metadata and a rough composite for editing. Our virtual sets can be used for data tracking without the “set.”

A Powerful Production Solution.

While project budgets grow tighter, the list of “while we’re here” extras grows longer. From electronic press kits to social media stills, clients expect more for less. Virtual sets are a brilliant solution because they control costs while reinvigorating the creative process. Rich with nuance and texture, virtual sets empower you to create extraordinary things within the financial realities of production.