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Mo-Sys Production Suite

Mo-Sys? Like that guy with the beard?

We hear it all the time. Moses this, Moses that. Why are we always talking about Moses?

The Mo-Sys VP Pro VFX is a complete solution for our Virtual Production needs. It comes with a full suite of creative tools that will embed directly in the Unreal Engine for augmented graphics, virtual sets, and overall mixed reality.

In our Mo-Sys Production Suite, we offer:

High-Quality Camera Tracking

The StarTracker optical tracking system is called that because it looks at ‘Stars’ on the ceiling. These are small, retro-reflective stickers, randomly applied to the studio ceiling or onto the floor. 

The StarTracker’s LED sensor (mounted on the studio camera) then shines infrared light at the stars. In turn, the system remembers the ‘StarMap’. StarTracker reports the position and orientation of the studio camera in real time to the rendering engine.

Absolute Tracking

The StarTracker system does not drift, unlike mechanical encoded pedestals that work on dead-reckoning and accumulate error with distance traveled. Since StarTracker is always referencing itself to its star map, its position is absolute and drift-free.

Freedom of Movement

StarTracker has unlimited freedom of movement and gives accurate position, rotation and lens data in real-time.

This makes the StarTracker system ideal for Steadicam and handheld. You can rotate the studio camera 360 degrees, and move it to any position in the studio, even right to the edge, as long as enough “stars” are in sight of the tracking camera. 

Whereas other systems are often restricted in their tracking volume, StarTracker works in studios between 9 to 60 ft in height.


While the StarTracker enables on-set visualization in real-time, as well as scene blocking in virtual worlds, it will also provide timecode synchronization and an FBX export.

This captured data allows you to efficiently drop the recorded data and footage into post-production software.

Who Are We?

Cobalt combines state-of-the-art stages and savvy production solutions – a true all-in-one answer. Decades of firsthand experience showed us the value of a fully equipped, turnkey production campus, so we created Cobalt to encompass our values of hospitality, superior support, innovative technology and unprecedented accessibility. 

Cobalt was the first to offer Virtual Production to the East Coast film community in 2015. We are woman owned and led. 

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