It's Mo-Sys... not the other guy

We hear it all the time. Moses this, Moses that. Why are we always talking about Moses?

We love Moses, big fans, but the thing we’re talking about all the time is the MO-SYS virtual production system. Even though SO many people think we’re saying Moses.

Just to clear up the confusion, we made this handy dandy chart to help everyone distinguish between Mo-ses and Mo-Sys.

Moses Mo-sys
Moses Mo-Sys
  • Top prophet
  • Impacts your project’s profits
  • Floated the Nile in a basket
  • Talked to a bush
  • Talked to up to 16 cameras with
    Startracker, and can operate in live streaming or record modes
  • Not a fan of Gold Cows
  • Can make the Cow of your Dreams: spotted, blue, purple, whatever
  • Parted the Red Sea
  • Powered by AMD Threadrippers in (2) PCs
  • (2) tablets, 10 commandments
  • (3) 4K recorders
  • Out of this world beard
  • Unreal Engine 5 (it doesn’t rhyme, but we don’t care)
  • Legacy – Led his people out of Egypt
  • Legacy – Removed physical set building costs
  • Looks suspiciously like Chuck Heston 🧐
  • They’ll have to pry this tech out of your cold, dead hands

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