The ultimate life-hack for producers: Rent the soundstage that gives you more.

Created by producers, for producers.

Producers, production managers and production coordinators love working here because we understand their challenges far better than your average soundstage rental company. Our many decades of combined Industry experience gave us the insight we needed to create the most comfortable, convenient and complete production experience possible. Cobalt has everything you need to support your clients across all of their creative endeavors.

Hospitality on a higher level.

Established 25 years ago, we’re the opposite of a bare-bones warehouse space where every last thing needs to be brought in from somewhere else. You don’t often hear the words “hospitality” and “soundstage” used together, but we’ve changed that! We’re generous with our support and supplies because we know how little things can add up to costly delays. In addition to our fully-furnished client suite and generous free amenities, we also stock a vast inventory of emergency expendables to minimize downtime.

Last minute? No worries.

Every production has a few last-minute needs. On a recent shoot, for example, our client was in need of repositionable glue sticks and a coffee table. In a blank-slate warehouse, dealing with this type of minutia might be a headache, but having been here for over 20 years, we were able to easily grab the required items on-site with no impact to our client’s busy schedule. Done!