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Masterful solutions to real-world challenges.

For the better part of a decade, Hollywood filmmakers have used Virtual Sets to place stories in any setting they can imagine, for a fraction of the cost, time and ecological impact of shooting on location or set-building. Our Academy Award-winning technology has supported Virtual Set productions such as “American Gods”, PBS’s “Cosmos” with Neil deGrasse Tyson to Disney’s “Alice Through the Looking Glass” and “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”. (The list just keeps on growing…) Whenever you want to set a scene somewhere that’s inaccessible or cost prohibitive, Virtual Sets are a practical and economical solution.

Using Virtual Set on a TV commercial.

Cacique commercial shot at COBALT STAGES with celebrity chef, Aaron Sanchez.

Here’s a story that illustrates the usefulness of Virtual Set technology. A creative agency we work with had a client with a tight schedule and location needs that were well beyond that particular budget. The client, Cacique, needed to shoot two spots, in two days, in three different kitchens. Typically, a well-appointed, full-featured kitchen set runs about $22,000 to $25,000. They looked at location options, but the three kitchens were very specific and they couldn’t make it work. Plus, they needed a home ec kitchen to prepare all the on-set foods. Virtual Set at Cobalt Stages was the only way to make it happen. So, the agency engaged one of our post house partners to build the three virtual sets from existing, royalty-free assets. The client was able to secure the low res FBX files and the high res renders needed for less than the cost of ONE practical set. Performers were shot on green screen with nothing more than a propped foreground counter. Our Epic Dragon was on a jib-arm, completely free to move around, while clients and agency watched a FULL composite of the on-camera performance within the Virtual Set LIVE…IN REAL TIME.

Experience the benefits of Virtual Sets.

Get on board with this progressive technology now to save money, shoot sustainably, and make your productions look bigger and better. Our Virtual Backlot means no travel costs, no location fees, no set construction costs or waste—just unrestricted camera movement, amazing production value and complete creative freedom. To learn more about Virtual Sets and our Virtual Backlot, read our blog posts here and here.