Virtual Set at Virtually No Extra Cost.

Test drive real-time camera tracking as part of your Cobalt stage experience.

Experience immersive VR. Explore your CG set in real-time.
There are many levels of implementation, from real-time camera tracking to fully immersive VR. We can give you a hands-on demo, OR by using our camera and pre-mapped lenses, you can get camera tracking data as part of your stage rental.

Virtual sets have come of age.
Just a decade ago, virtual sets were in their infancy-photo-realistic production values weren’t yet possible. Today, tools are ubiquitous, artists are plentiful and the results are stunningly photo-realistic.

Experience the benefits of virtual sets.
Virtual Sets can place a story in any setting you can imagine, for a fraction of the cost, time and ecological impact of shooting on location or set-building.

Tour our Virtual Backlot.
Hollywood studios rely on virtual sets to produce award-winning effects, but access to the technology is very limited. Our Virtual Backlot marks the first time this invaluable technology is available to the public on the East Coast.