How venues and vendors can make or break your production.

You cultivate relationships with talented, reliable people who add value to your team—but have you thought about the role that venues and vendors play? Relationships that are peripheral to your production also influence productivity, creativity and the overall culture onset.

Ask yourself 3 Quick Questions to see if a potential venue or vendor is worth working with:

Do they really understand your project?

Unless you’ve walked a mile in a producer’s shoes, it’s hard to appreciate the everyday challenges of running a production. For example, if you’re talking to a soundstage manager who doesn’t have a clue about budget line items (or the importance of giving VIP clients more than folding chairs in front of a folding table…)—it’s wise to see if you can do better.

Do they really care about your project?

You care deeply about the quality and success of your production, and it IS possible to find supportive, sincere helpers. We keep a running list of committed gaffers, grips, technicians, artists and others—but it’s not just about who’s local and competent. We prioritize by working with people we can count on to be reliable, resourceful and just plain cool to work with.

Are they “culture killers?”

Good attitudes and bad ones have one thing in common: they’re both contagious. When something unforeseen happens during production—and it always does—positive people pitch in and make it right. Others follow suit. You can’t control everything, but the simplest way you can elevate your production across the board is by protecting the vibe onset.

The Takeaway

Create an environment where excellence and cooperation can thrive. The mood matters! (Mood spells doom backwards when we don’t get it right.) Toss out any bad apples before they spoil your production, and cultivate relationships with service providers and suppliers who care.