From Tax Credits to Virtual Set…

We can save your production serious money!

Your Plug & Play Production Solution
Since 1995, we’ve been perfecting Cobalt Stages. This is how we’ve become greater NYC’s all-inclusive production paradise. It doesn’t happen overnight! With 23 years to work out all the kinks, we’re extremely well-equipped to serve the diverse needs of the production community. Because a key part of our mission is to save you money, our comprehensive package comes with a generous inventory of extras—just take a look at our 8 page list. While most soundstages come with a bare stage and nothing else, we go waaaaay beyond lighting, grip and distro. From our woodworking shop to our well-appointed client suite, we include more so your budget goes farther!

The NJ Film and TV Tax Credit
Save up to $10 million a year per production! New Jersey’s newly-reinstated tax incentives include 30 percent of qualifying ABOVE AND BELOW the line production expenses for productions who park themselves here. While this is a massive deal in its own right, experts say New Jersey’s incentives can save you even more than New York’s (which pertains to only below the line expenses). The program includes credits of $75 million per fiscal year for TV and film projects. So, now is a great time to lock it in. To learn more about the incentives, check out these FAQs or read the legislation in its entirety here.

Virtual Sets: Cost Savings & Creative Freedom
Virtual sets are a brilliant solution for cost-conscious productions.

Example 1:
Say you’re doing a vignette project, and you need to hit 5 locations in one day (outrageous…). Making 4 company moves in a day means spending more than half your time traveling instead of shooting. OR… Stay in one spot at Cobalt and bring the locations to you. AND you’re not chasing the sun.

Example 2:
Remember the Netflix show “Sense8” ???
As an attempt to salvage a very expensive episodic, we were approached by the producers… They completely saw the wisdom of using Cobalt’s Virtual Set capabilities to solve a location & travel budget that was way out of hand. Their idea was to shoot the show at Cobalt using our Virtual Set technology instead of continuing to fly the cast and crew around the world. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled before we could help.

Our Virtual Backlot means no travel costs, no location fees, no set construction costs or waste—just unrestricted camera movement, amazing production value and complete creative freedom.

To learn more about Virtual Sets and our Virtual Backlot, read our blog posts here and here.