The ultimate life-hack for producers: Rent the soundstage that gives you more.

Created by producers, for producers.

Producers, production managers and production coordinators love working here because we understand their challenges far better than your average soundstage rental company. Our many decades of combined Industry experience gave us the insight we needed to create the most comfortable, convenient and complete production experience possible. Cobalt has everything you need to support your clients across all of their creative endeavors.

Hospitality on a higher level.

Established 25 years ago, we’re the opposite of a bare-bones warehouse space where every last thing needs to be brought in from somewhere else. You don’t often hear the words “hospitality” and “soundstage” used together, but we’ve changed that! We’re generous with our support and supplies because we know how little things can add up to costly delays. In addition to our fully-furnished client suite and generous free amenities, we also stock a vast inventory of emergency expendables to minimize downtime.

Last minute? No worries.

Every production has a few last-minute needs. On a recent shoot, for example, our client was in need of repositionable glue sticks and a coffee table. In a blank-slate warehouse, dealing with this type of minutia might be a headache, but having been here for over 20 years, we were able to easily grab the required items on-site with no impact to our client’s busy schedule. Done!

A tale of two kitchens.

How our home ec and craft service kitchens serve you better.

User-friendly and versatile
spaces to work and refuel.

Cobalt kitchen

In keeping with the rest of our studio, Cobalt’s home ec and craft service kitchens are both spacious and thoughtfully-furnished, creating a warm and inviting experience for you and your clients. That’s where the similarities end! Our home ec kitchen is your behind-the-scenes secret weapon for food styling — fully-equipped, yet easy to reconfigure to the specifics of any and all food projects. Our craft service kitchen is an ultra-convenient gathering place where cast, crew and clients can be easily catered-to, while they regroup and recharge.

The ideal prep kitchen for food shoots.

Our home ec kitchen was purpose-built for food styling—the first step in properly portraying food and beverages. Your food stylist will never be stuck. With our ‘sanity-saving’ inventory of movable, adjustable and interchangeable kitchen components they will surely be set. To make a versatile space even more accessible, our home ec kitchen has a main door that opens directly to the stage and side door that opens to an additional prep area. This fully-functional kitchen also includes an industrial range hood, adjustable-height stainless steel tables, 4 baker’s racks, 40 full sheets, 2 double door refrigerators that accommodate our full sheets and chest freezers. There’s even a grocery store half a block away for last-minute needs.

Craft service, served with care.

Keeping clients and crew comfortable is important to any production, so we don’t just provide a folding table with paper plates and call it a day. With a massive food bar (full service for 40 people), 5 burner cooktop, microwave, 2 dishwashers, huge refrigerator and granite counters, we offer a low-stress and highly civilized craft service experience that leaves everyone refreshed and refueled. Sandwiched right between client and production suites, it’s ultra-accessible, too. From the most critical tools like our beloved Jura coffeemaker (complete with grinder), down to our cappuccino frother and bagel slicer, Cobalt’s kitchens offer everything you need and a generous supply of nice-to-haves, too.

Be a MoCo Master.

Take full advantage of our motion control tools and support.

Creativity without limits.

Motion control, or MoCo, gives us the flexibility to move the camera in three-dimensional space with precision and repeatability. It makes it possible to execute extremely dynamic camera moves that would be impossible to operate conventionally. For example, imagine a shot that starts high and wide, and then roars into a tabletop product shot. MoCo also allows you to composite elements in post-production that could not physically coexist in the same shot. Meaning, you could shoot a cat and a mouse side by side as separate elements, and then composite them together afterward. The precision of the camera’s movement makes the compositing undetectable, creating new opportunities for unbound creativity.

State-of-the-art motion control tools.

Our clients have convenient access to our comprehensive inventory of motion-controlled equipment—the largest and most diverse on the East Coast. Our Gazelle Motion Control Camera System interfaces with any and all digital cameras. It’s easily configurable in overslung (above the crane arm) or underslung (below the crane arm) modes, with various pan, tilt and roll head options. Cobalt’s motion control inventory includes turntables, sliders, high-speed sleds, and XY tables all curated to facilitate rapid design, engineering and construction.

Ariana Grande goes MoCo.

Last week, we had the honor of creating motion control VFX for an Ariana Grande video. In it, she’s singing in a train station, amidst a maelstrom of activity. Our MoCo system allowed the director to illustrate the passing of time via blur motion figures which moved all around the singer while she performed in Real Time. This is an effect similar to one we executed for Eminem’s video “Walk On Water” with Beyonce. The possibilities are endless. And THAT’s the magic of MoCo.

A highly consultative culture.

At Cobalt, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of client support to help you get the maximum benefit from our production equipment. We have a uniquely comprehensive library of motion control tools, but our goal is always to connect you with the most economical, useful and user-friendly solution. If it’s not in our inventory, we can leverage our relationships to connect you with the right tools for the job.

Closer to Midtown than Brooklyn.

A streamlined production experience in Hoboken.

Hoboken is chill.

Getting here and being here is all part of the Cobalt experience. During rush hour, our Hoboken soundstage is a quick reverse-commute from the city. And while you're here, Hoboken's relaxed small-town vibe and authentic atmosphere offers a chill experience. Hoboken is safe, clean and the furthest thing from working in an 'Industrial Park.' Take a walk, or dive into an authentic, old school Italian deli.

Multiple ways to get here easily.

Ride the ferry across the Hudson from either East or West side. Or if you prefer, there are bus and PATH train options. We're just one stop away.

Soundstage Reimagined.

As a producer-owned soundstage, we understand the kind of production experience you want for yourself - and for your clients. For the ultimate client experience, we've curated a Turnkey Soundstage, complete with the latest technology, concierge support and 'boutique hotel' amenities.

Free Wi-Fi is just the beginning.

While empty-box stage rentals make you procure and load-in everything you need, we include all the extras that make your experience comfortable and convenient. Enjoy access to high-speed hardwired ethernet at every desk, networked workhorse color laser printers, tables, chairs, wardrobe steamers, walkies, racks, and hangers - all offered free of charge. Last but not least, people love that we have a dedicated Client Suite that is plush and ready to go.

Stay connected. Focus on the work.

At Cobalt, a live HD feed broadcasts from our soundstage to the client room, conference rooms, commercial food prep kitchen, wardrobe and makeup areas. As one of our clients' favorite features, this connectivity makes it effortless to multitask and monitor the production. They wonder how they ever worked without it.

Don't sleep on this powerful, practical technology.

Virtual Sets are cutting edge, not bleeding edge.

Movie magic made accessible.

Today, Virtual Set technology is less expensive than traditional sets and location shoots, and the tools and artists are plentiful. Cobalt's Virtual Backlot marks the first time it's available to the public on the East Coast, so there will never be a better time to lead the way and start leveraging this invaluable technology.

But is it believable? 

A major misconception about Virtual Sets is that the audience will know it's 'not real'. This was a problem in the past, but the introduction of hyper-realistic rendering solved the issue. Virtual Sets now enhance the audience experience by creating vast, photorealistic environments like "Black Panther's" mythical country Wakanda, which included 6 virtual miles of futuristic cityscape, complete with 60,000 individual buildings.

And the Oscar goes to... "The Jungle Book" VFX team, who won the 2017 Oscar for Best Visual Effects! The film's live action storytelling was set in a fully-imagined, utterly convincing virtual world - and there was no other way this work would have been possible without using VSet. To get inspired, check out this featurette on the team's extraordinary work. Link here.

Is the L train even running? Do we even care?

There are so many ways to get to Cobalt soundstages.

Brooklyn, Schmooklyn.

15 minutes from Midtown

We love Brooklyn, but we love convenience more! Shooting at Cobalt means never having to worry if the L train is running, because there are SO many ways to get here, and they’re all good. We’re conveniently located in Hoboken, NJ, and if you haven’t been here yet, you’re missing out!

Ferries are more fun.

Cobalt Virtual Set

The scenery, the salty breeze, the gorgeous skyline view—the ferry is an inexpensive and Instagram-worthy way to travel. The NY Waterway ferry travels between Hoboken 14th St. and Midtown/W. 39th St. in Midtown Manhattan, with a free connecting shuttle bus service that’s available to and from the Midtown terminal. Try it!

Take the PATH of least resistance.

Cobalt Motion Control

The PATH train goes up to 33rd St. in Manhattan and takes you all the way here to Hoboken. PATH trains are safe, reliable, and cleaner than most mass transit. And the best part of taking the PATH to Cobalt from the city is that it’s a reverse commute—you’ll never be packed in like sardines.

Come by car. We do it all the time!

During rush hour, our Hoboken soundstage is a quick reverse commute from the city. Whether you’re parking in the garage nearby (yes, we offer discounts ;-) OR taking advantage of our street-level, drive-in-ready studio... Getting here is fast and easy. Schedule a studio tour today, head west, and see why we love it here in New York’s “West, West Village.”

Not too big, not too small.

Why our soundstage is “just right.”

The Goldilocks Effect

Cobalt Virtual Set

All too often, soundstage sizes go to extremes—either you’re crammed in, or you need walkies just to find your PAs. We believe Goldilocks had it right when she rejected anything but a comfortable “just right” fit. When it comes to soundstages, an awkward fit impacts the entire production in thousands of tiny, aggravating ways—not the vibes you want when you’re producing great work under pressure...

Designed by Producers, for Producers.

Cobalt Motion Control

Relying on wisdom acquired over many decades in the Industry, we created the ergonomically-ideal soundstage. Cobalt’s stage measures a useful 7,000 square feet. We’re neither a cavernous warehouse with not so much as a folding chair, nor a shoebox that was a utility storage room up until yesterday. We’re a well-appointed, turnkey soundstage that’s ready for anything.

Soundstage Reimagined.

To make your experience as comfortable and convenient as possible, we provide even more than a “just right” fit. We include dozens of free amenities, plus access to our expertly curated inventory of production tools. Unlike your average equipment rentals, our production tools are kept and maintained onsite, so we can keep them in excellent condition. If you haven’t already, schedule a tour today and explore how our soundstage can reduce your stress and elevate your work.

Tabletop is in our DNA.

Macro image-making at Cobalt.

Let’s talk tabletop.

Stella Artois

Our stage was born in 1995 as a tabletop / VFX studio, and if there were a sign above our door it would read “Science in the Service of Art.”

Throughout the years, we’ve invested in the right tools for tabletop work, which has often meant inventing, engineering andconstructing those tools ourselves, in-house. That’s how tabletop works.

Mini tools for max impact.


Tabletop is an extremely unique genre, because off-the-shelf equipment typically doesn’t scale to the subject. In fact, equipment tends to completely dwarf the subject. That’s where our specially-modified lighting and our extensive inventory of miniature grip and rigging gears come into play. To maximize the visual opportunity, you need to miniaturize your tools. We’ve done this here at Cobalt with our one-of-a-kind bellows-focusing Epic Dragon, made expressly for macro work.

Get cooking at Cobalt.

Cobalt’s dedicated Home Ec Kitchen is always fully-equipped and ready to roll. Our custom-built bake-up allows you to see and experience the magic of baking—in real time or in time lapse—via our motion-controlled camera. Add in our high-volume gas mains and a purpose-built exhaust system for fire effects, and you’ve got the ideal setup for whatever creative ideas you’re cooking up.

The Garden State Film and Digital Media Jobs Act has passed!

Newly Reinstated NJ Film/TV Tax Credit is BACK ON!

"The Enemy Within" is the first show to film in New Jersey since the film tax credit

New Jersey’s new benefits to producers.
After seven years without tax incentives for Film and TV production, New Jersey has passed new legislation offering a tax credit of up to 35% to film and TV productions, that will be worth up to $425 million over the next five years. In addition to financial incentives for film and digital media companies, the bill also incentivizes companies to make significant efforts to hire diverse cast and crews.

With incentives comes greater freedom.
"The Enemy Within" is the first show to film in New Jersey since the film tax credit
Tom Bernard, co-president of Sony Classics and a longtime New Jersey resident, has pushed to restore the incentives, which were cut by Governor Murphy’s predecessor, Chris Christie. “New York is overflowing,” Bernard said, “And people are tired of shooting there. There are a lot of rules and restrictions that weren’t there when the incentives started.” Steven Gorelick, executive director of the New Jersey Motion Picture and Television Commission said Fox, Sony, NBCUniversal, New Line, ABC, CBS, HBO and Warner Bros. (Film and TV) have all expressed interest in shooting here.

Unique locations, deep roots and strong support.
New Jersey offers the broadest range of locations within a reasonable drive, and it’s also the birthplace of American cinema, going back to Thomas Edison and the silent film era. “We have been fighting for these credits for eight years,” said Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg. “The film industry has deep roots in New Jersey. Fort Lee is where the movie industry began. These credits will ensure that New Jersey remains a player in this constantly evolving industry.” At Cobalt, we are honored to play our part in reinvigorating the production scene here at “Hollywood on the Hudson.”

Want to know more? Check out the legislation here, and the official overview here.

We do more, you pay less.

How our free-of-charge amenities help you work smarter.

Little things add up: Make the most of your budget at Cobalt.
On a typical “warehouse stage” shoot” you start out with nothing but a big box, then you rent all the items you need for your workspace, down to the last chair. At Cobalt, there’s no need to rent or carry in the basic amenities—and we won’t bill you for them, either. Our curated amenities radically simplify your set-up process, and your bill won’t look like you went on a Whole Foods bender.

Your production is our purpose.
Cobalt exists to support Production Companies, Advertising Agencies, and other Content Producers, so you can focus on the work. That’s why we make sure everything you need is easily accessible. From walkies and wardrobe racks to stingers and stands, we’re generous with all the extras that make your production more comfortable, convenient and cost-effective.

We handle the details. You focus on the big picture.
Cobalt was founded by artists and producers, so we understand how to create the best experience for you—and your clients. When you host clients at Cobalt, the difference is striking. Our networked client lounge and support areas come complete with every thoughtful detail, and they’re always complimentary. Schedule a tour and see how our turnkey studio helps you boost your productivity and make the most of your budget.