Cost Control, Comfort, and Convenience

As a “By-Producers, For-Producers Soundstage”, we’ve reimagined the production experience to set a new standard for cost-efficiency, convenience, and comfort.

Cost Control
Being Turnkey, we have production tools like no other Soundstage. Our onsite offering includes cameras and lenses, Virtual Sets, Motion Control, Livestreaming, Video Village, and more. As part of your Turnkey Soundstage rental, we provide a comprehensive G&E package, facility-wide, fully distributed video, and hardwired broadband ethernet. We also include more of what’s missing from empty-warehouse soundstages, like wardrobe racks and steamers, tables and chairs, and a fully-equipped Crafty kitchen, Home Ec Kitchen, and woodworking shop with flats and jacks.

Complete Convenience
On top of the convenience our Turnkey Soundstage provides, Cobalt is 15 minutes from Midtown. If you live in NYC, that’s closer than most stages in Brooklyn and Queens! Get here quickly and easily by car, train, bus, and ferry. Enjoy the convenient parking, shops, and restaurants nearby in a super-cute, safe neighborhood where you’ll feel comfortable spending time. You can also work, shoot, or stay at our Hoboken House location- a sundrenched 2,000 square foot carriage house three blocks away!

The Tao of Cobalt
While our Turnkey Soundstage is keenly focused on hardware and technology, we understand the need to balance those aspects with warm hospitality, comfort, and calm vibes. As a result, our next-level amenities and customer service have been compared to those of a boutique hotel. Host your VIP clients here and treat them to comfortable, private breakout spaces including a Meditation Room. We also use aromatherapy and green cleaning supplies throughout our facility for a healthy and happy environment.

MLet Cobalt elevate your next production experience.

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We are closer to Midtown than Brooklyn.

If you haven’t shot in NJ lately,
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