What’s in a Cobalt estimate?

Superior cost certainty.

There are clear advantages to working with a Soundstage that understands the nuanced needs of production. Here’s what we think you should know about soundstage estimates.

The Purpose Behind Cobalt’s “No-Surprises” Estimate.
As a “By Producers, For Producers” Soundstage, we know that post-production surprises are never good. In this relationship-driven Industry, we want you to feel empowered and supported—not taken advantage of. To serve you better, our estimates go far beyond the Industry standard, so you know exactly what you’re getting and how much it will cost. First, we add a layer of consulting to the initial inquiry phase, where we find out your project parameters and offer expert strategies on cost-control and efficiency. Then, we crunch the numbers upfront, so you start out with the most accurate estimate possible.

Transparency and Collaboration are Cobalt Core Values.
While our Turnkey Soundstage offering gets you the best value, we also break your estimate down line by line. (Look at the “stage line” in our estimate in order to compare apples-to-apples with warehouse-style stages.)

Here’s the beauty of a Cobalt estimate.
Before the job even starts, we show you all the costs that other stages will surprise you with at the end of your shoot. This way, you can feel confident about your budget from start to finish. We encourage you to compare our estimates against other stages… Look at the final itemized invoices, and you can easily see that being vague upfront is no accident by the other companies… It’s a strategy for winning your business with a low number, then itemizing every last extension cord, power strip, and folding chair. Our strategy is the exact opposite—we’re committed to delivering superior cost certainty.


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