Case Study: Hosting a High-Profile Star and Cast of 30

In June 2021, a major multinational content producer brought a shoot to Cobalt. First, the client needed a quick save (booking in the weekend before yikes!), so we fast tracked the usual Grip and Electric schedule. Extra spaces were required to creatively accommodate their Star Talent, his guests, and 30 cast members. With the production team and crew members, there were about 60 people in the house! Finally, the project required a “black box” filming environment, and they also needed an extra creative solution for the numerous folks to feed.

Of course, Cobalt came through! The client officially booked on Saturday, and gave us the G&E list on Sunday. We orchestrated our vendor partners and in-house production tools, and they were good to go Monday morning! Their catering team set up shop in our spacious Home Ec kitchen, and served cast and crew in our Craft Service Kitchen. We provided black Duvetyne fabric for the project’s scenery, and our generous accessory spaces came in handy helping 30 cast members, the crew, the star, and his guests find lots of comfortable space to spread out.

The shoot was a great success, with no issues! This is where our Swiss Army Knife experience really shines. Whether it’s having close vendor relationships to tap in for last-minute needs, loads of versatile, separate nooks and crannies to host people, or access to a whole additional kitchen for catering, we are truly ready for anything! The star was delighted with our VIP amenities, and the production went super smooth—who could ask for more?

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