NAB 2022 – What happens in Vegas, isn’t staying in Vegas…

We’re bringing home all sorts of Virtual Production goodness!

Cobalt Stages has reached a milestone in our road trip. Our beloved Airstream has arrived at the desert of deserts to attend the premier event for media, technology, and entertainment. Of course, we’re talking about the 2022 National Association of Broadcaster’s big showdown in Vegas! And this time, what happens in Vegas most certainly is NOT staying in Vegas 😉

We are here to embrace and explore the future… VSET is where its at baby..! Did I say, “Virtual Production, here we come???” If not, let me say it again! From advancements in AI to mixed realities… and from VSets to new postproduction techniques… The Industry is clearly on the verge of unprecedented change. So, stay tuned for our report and Insights! Viva Las Vegas and the NAB! Boooyyahhhhh