For years now, Team Cobalt has stayed well ahead of the curve with Virtual Production techniques and capabilities. Our recent spotlight in Variety Magazine is a testament to our growth. No matter the many hurdles and challenges come our way, we have adapted. Remember the Darwin quote about “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change?”

And who knew that the curve would become so cool!?!


Virtual set technology is hot.

When Industry bigs like Kathleen Kennedy and John Favreau talk, the Industry lends a pretty big ear! And the two had quite a lot to say about their production of ‘The Mandalorian’… In fact, this acclaimed series was the first to ever use Volume technology. Though green and blue screen tech serve as more cost-effective alternatives, LED volumes are impressive and appropriate in certain applications.

The merging of rock-solid camera tracking and final pixel real-time compositing has created new ways of image crafting. These ‘new ways’ are clearly past their birthing stages and are now one of the fastest growing and easily adaptable technologies. Period. We’re proud to say that Cobalt, along with our fast-forward peers, has absolutely disrupted filmmaking and production, along with the entertainment Industry as a whole.

Advancements in film production, postproduction, gaming and even VR (remote) viewership are breaking almost monthly. Filmmakers and audiences alike are adapting on the fly. It’s a remarkable time to be in the biz, to grab the reins and bring storytelling to such new and daring levels.

On that note, we’re sharing the full post here for your enjoyment!


Ready to learn more about Virtual Sets and how to use them?

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