Cobalt has proudly served the a Northeast film community since 1995. In the past 27 years, we have set high standards and created new opportunities for filmmakers and storytellers by way of our innovative turnkey production facility and virtual set campus. We are Hollywood on the Hudson.

And now, after decades of success, we have been blessed with a quick nod from the crown of all things precious in our beloved industry, Variety. Yep, there we are, headlining their article with an in-studio shot of our very own VR stage. Our baby is all grown up and we could not be more proud.

“A turnkey production facility and virtual set campus, Cobalt Stages brings Hollywood to the Hudson.”

What’s next for Cobalt? Well, we are not one for sitting on our literal laurels. Cobalt is breaking new ground, taking on new challenges with our Mobile Virtual Production experience which can, literally, happen any place, anytime, and anywhere. It’s a mobile plug & play solution that we can’t wait to tell you more about 🙂

With our bread-and-butter VFX & motion control experience, coupled with Virtual Production prowess, we are now fully invested in expanding our ability to provide for client needs across the board, across the borders and across the country. As Garrison Wynn once said, “Action and adaptability create opportunity”. And believe me when I say, opportunity is knocking like never before! So, watch this Cobalt space. State of the art is no longer defined by the span of so many years. It’s happening today. And then it’s happening again next week. We’ll see you then!


Ready to learn more about Virtual Sets and how to use them?

Cobalt’s got you covered. As the first studio to offer Virtual Sets publicly on the East Coast, we have the experience to guide you. Let’s have some fun 😉


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