Why We ❤️ TurboSquid

And how it makes creators’ dreams come true.

You’ve probably seen TurboSquid models like the one above hundreds of times, and didn’t know it.


TurboSquid models are used by directors, agencies, architects, content studios, advertisers, and creative professionals around the world.

What is TurboSquid?
TurboSquid is our favorite place to find existing CG models! The TurboSquid website is a library of readymade CG environments created by independent CG artists around the globe. Chances are you’ve seen TurboSquid models hundreds of times in TV, films, and ads and didn’t know it. That’s because countless game developers, news agencies, architects, visual effects studios, advertisers, and creative professionals use TurboSquid’s crowdsourced CG environments. And now you know!

Pull a set from a Castle. Or a Log Cabin.
A quick spin around the site reveals a small Japanese house for $164, complete with potted plants, a lamppost, and even a tasteful little trash can! Need to build a neighborhood? Add more homes from the same designer, and even a Tatami Store! At a glance, other options run the gamut from Medieval Monasteries to Modernist Mansions. There are even cartoon styles! In 2021, every production professional should be familiar with the infinite options these 3D environments deliver. It’s now easy to find affordable CG geometries for your beach house, commercial kitchen, opulent living room, working laboratory, Wall Street office space, or any other setting you can imagine.

Endless Possibilities for Creators
While some projects require custom CG geometries, many can be found royalty-free on sites like TurboSquid. There are other services like CGTrader, too, but the business model (self-service shopping for crowdsourced CG models)is the same. You can grab a few CG environments, and use a CG firm or freelance CG artist to combine, customize, and re-light them for your scene. Then, you’re ready to roll. Virtual Sets are a big opportunity for pandemic-smart productions, and they’re environmentally-friendly, too! (Not to mention the extraordinary location fees you’re saving when you’re charged to shoot somewhere like the NYC Subway System or the Soho Grand Hotel.) Keep reading about Virtual Sets, or call us for a virtual or in-person tour of our Virtual Backlot here at Cobalt.

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