What makes us a soundstage?

It’s a lot more than our cyc!

At Cobalt, we’re serious about sound. We’re so serious that our audio quality got a resounding “thumbs up” from the Metropolitan Opera – from the singers and technicians alike! We know all stages aren’t created equal, so we wanted to share the science behind the art of recording production-quality sound!

What is a soundstage?
A soundstage is a production facility that can be used to record production sound along with the images. There are some physical considerations, but the main differentiator is soundproofing. To create the East Coast’s first true Turnkey Soundstage, we invested in extensive sound-testing and soundproofing under the supervision of an expert audio engineer.

Stellar sound is all about control.
To keep outside sounds out and to prevent unwanted reverberation inside, we filled every nook and cranny with Mass Loaded Vinyl. Then we built an airlock between our production spaces and the stage, so people can gather around the Craft Service bar while shooting continues, onstage. To that, we added zoned electronics, so a random phone call won’t ever interrupt filming. And finally, we wrapped our plumbing in sound-absorbing foam and vinyl, boxed out our roof drains, draped vinyl strips in front of our gigantic sliding door to the garage, and applied six inches of sound insulation to the ceiling—the project’s biggest investment.


For optimal production sound, work with the Soundstage that’s Met Opera-Approved!
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