The Original Turnkey Soundstage

We’re Built to Support Safe Shoot Productions

Image from a recent shoot at Cobalt

As a by-producers, for-producers soundstage, we streamline the client experience, and deliver uncompromising value by being Turnkey. We’re happy to see the rest of the world catching up!

Turnkey is Trending
To serve productions better in a pandemic, soundstages are trying to retrofit themselves to deliver turnkey options. They’re absolutely right to do so! Turnkey since 1994, we have all the tools and amenities you need on our premises, sanitized, and ready to roll. Everyone should be on board with that!

We Were Born This Way
Our Turnkey soundstage boasts the East Coast’s most comprehensive on-site inventory of production tools and technology, and its very first Virtual Backlot. We’ve invested in World-Class Livestreaming equipment, Virtual Sets, Robotics for Remote Camerawork, high-end lenses, lights, and rigging tools. All that to say, we’re always ready to support your Safe Shoot needs. We also include basics like: tables and chairs and extras like our emergency expendables, woodshop, and Home Ec Kitchen (to name a few). Turnkey has always been our model, so we’ve got it all figured out ?

There’s incredible value in being prepared with Turnkey tools—especially during last-minute crunches. Let’s talk about your project, and how we can help make it seamless!


New Jersey leads the nation in safe shoots

and Hoboken is closer to midtown than Brooklyn.

If you haven’t shot in NJ lately,
there’s a lot to catch up on.

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