The Cobalt Experience

Why Production Culture Matters

As a “by-producers, for-producers” turnkey soundstage, our next-level amenities and customer service have been compared to a boutique hotel experience. For us, that’s the ultimate compliment. We made a conscious decision to infuse that level of hospitality and attention-to-detail into our
company culture.

A Service-Obsessed Culture.
Decades of experience has proven this over and over. Making the soundstage experience as smooth and as streamlined as possible helps productions focus on what matters most: the work. From the moment you call us, we’re committed to delivering a full-on concierge experience. Planning your first pandemic-smart Safe Shoot with us? Need a consultation on Virtual Sets or Remote Camerawork Robotics? Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered.

Little Things That Mean a Lot.
We’ve done some heroic things to help our clients pull off projects, because well… that’s just what we do. But in some ways, the routine things that we do, really mean the most. For instance, it may sound boring, but we even give real-time accounting updates. We invoice within two days when a project wraps just because “we get it”. When you’re on to the next project, you don’t want to wait around for paperwork from the last one. Right??

We’re also a “more-is-more” soundstage. We provide more private client breakout spaces, more smooth amenities, and more high-tech production tools than any other soundstage on the East Coast. We take pride in our Swiss Army Knife-style preparedness, and even in a poopie pandemic, we are committed to more. Yes, we have a Spa Trolley full of fresh slippers and robes, and YES… we honor the fact that streamlining complexity – even in accounting – is every producer’s love language. Come see what more feels like in production 🙂

New Jersey leads the nation in safe shoots

and Hoboken is closer to midtown than Brooklyn.

If you haven’t shot in NJ lately,
there’s a lot to catch up on.

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