Springtime at The Hoboken House

Upgrades, Productions, and Crafty Alfresco

Close and convenient to NYC, Cobalt’s Hoboken House location is our 2,000 square foot Carriage House with three bedrooms, three full baths, a private garden, and a Euro-style chef’s kitchen.

Reliable Livestreaming on Location
As we’re all getting used to clients and decision-makers weighing in remotely, Livestreaming has become an integral part of the standard production toolkit. And we know that we’re all at the mercy of the internet bandwidth and connection stability when we Livestream on location. To make working, shooting, and Livestreaming at “Hobo House” even more seamless, we invested in three drops of wired internet: one downstairs and one at either end of the space upstairs. We’re able to put the Livestream on its own SSID, too!

Versatile, Configurable Spaces
From a Director, DP or Producer’s perspective, we understand the need for one location that offers a wide variety of shots. Hobo House provides multiple looks in one location, so you can shoot a kid running downstairs and out the door for school, Dad throwing a Frisbee to the dog outside, and Mom making cupcakes in the kitchen. A commercial shoot for Blistex filmed in Hobo House’s sun-drenched living room took advantage of the kitchen for setting up Video Village. Clients shooting here and at our Soundstage (three blocks away) are also setting up Crafty outside in our private courtyard with its ping pong table, BBQ grill, and secure breezeway.

Production-Ready Features
Created by producers, Hobo House’s ceiling-height windows flood the space with natural light. Its open floor plan and soaring ceilings free up your production to get the shots you want. Our connected kitchen, dining room, and living room allow your DP to step back and get wide using longer lenses — without having to compromise your creativity.


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