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Jerry Seinfeld’s “24 Hours to Kill” shoot at Cobalt.
See Alex on the Right as ‘MoCo McGuyver’!!!

It’s Not Just About Time and Space.
Production life is always evolving, with new challenges and opportunities emerging every second. To serve you better, our “by-producers, for-producers” soundstage sees productions as dynamic puzzles, not by-the-pound commodities. Anybody can sell studio space and time, but we do what no other soundstage can. We provide premium production support, and we don’t just mean that we support your project. We support you.

The Future of Production is Personal.
“We don’t see our clients as the sum of their projects. Our approach is relationship-driven because we know we can help elevate your profile as a Creator,” said Prezz Kara Vedder. “For instance, a producer-client of ours recommended that Netflix book Cobalt for Jerry Seinfeld’s 24 Hours to Kill. When Jerry came up with an ambitious last minute creative idea, we were able to keep everything smooth. We used our onsite Robotics inventory and Motion Control expertise to deliver a working and fully-propped laser beam on the spot. They wouldn’t have been able to do this on the same day anywhere else. Our clients keep coming back because they know we have their backs.”

Production Expertise at Your Fingertips.
Our boutique-hotel hospitality and high-tech production playground are unique on the East Coast, but our consultative support is something you really can’t get anywhere else. We are seasoned production problem-solvers. We understand production life, and we want to make sure everyone looks good. So, from the first call to hold the space to the last-minute rescue when the unforeseen happens, we’re here to guide you through the most efficient, cost-effective strategies for production without compromising on creativity.

New Jersey leads the nation in safe shoots

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