SOUNDSTAGE FOR CREATORS: How Cobalt Empowers Creators On Set

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How Cobalt Empowers Creators On Set

In our Soundstage for Creators series, we’re talking about smart strategies for meeting the creative community’s rapidly-evolving needs. Cobalt’s turnkey creative solutions and safety nets ensure that you’re always ready to solve problems and seize creative inspiration—even at the very last minute.

Your Creative Safety Net
You’re in the production phase and the wheels start turning. You’re always well-prepared, so what happens next depends on two things: fate and the facility. You wouldn’t perform a triple somersault from a trapeze without a safety net—you’d have to play it safe. The same is true for productions! When Jerry Seinfeld had a last-minute idea that featured a James Bond-style laser beam, our onsite Motion Control Robotics empowered him to create freely in the moment. Of course, it’s not always as glamorous as that; sometimes production grinds to a halt for the need of a piece of Plexiglass. When you shoot at Cobalt, our experienced support people and comprehensive collection of “emergency expendables” means you’ll never be stuck for a solution.

The Biggest Opportunity Now
To elevate image quality and reduce costs, nothing compares to the value of virtual sets. Unlike practical sets, with virtual sets you’re blissfully unfettered by space, budget, and talent constraints. If you want a bigger set, draw a bigger rectangle. If you want ornamental woodwork worthy of a Russian Tsar, you can easily have it, because you’re carving pixels, not high-end exotic wood. With virtual sets, the only things that need to be practical are the things actors need to touch or sit on.

As you may have guessed, this streamlines lighting dramatically. Instead of building elaborate sets, trucking in loads of lights and devoting countless hours to installing and removing them, your DP can focus on lighting the actors and a few props. The rest is handled by moving virtual lights in virtual space. We love virtual sets because the crew time, set time, and equipment cost savings are stunning, and the sets are as big, detailed, and impressive as you like. If you haven’t demoed our Virtual Backlot yet, it’s definitely worth your time.

Cobalt’s Creative Incubator
Turnkey security and virtual sets value aren’t the only production game-changers we offer. To wrap your mind around all the possibilities, every Tri-State creator should get familiar with our ultra-configurable spaces, motion control robotics, world-class live streaming, wood shop, home-ec kitchen, and our massive inventory of production tools. Want to collaborate with creators in real-time across an unlimited number of locations? We’ve got your live streaming needs covered. Want to orchestrate complex camera moves to show a product in a compelling, new way? Leverage our unique motion control equipment inventory, along with our expertise for making the most of it. And, if you have a big idea and don’t know where to start, we’re always here to talk shop and offer support.

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