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In our “Soundstage for Creators” series, we’re talking about smart strategies for meeting the creative community’s rapidly-evolving needs. Read on for accessible solutions for streamlining, simplifying, and securing your project, so you’re always efficient and ready for anything during pre-pro.

Master Pre-Production Productivity
Yes, you know that we are a by-producers, for-producers soundstage, but how is this relevant to you in your ever important pre-production whirlwind? If you launch a project in an empty warehouse space, it’s sadly a DIY deal. In contrast, we at Cobalt already have most of what you need to achieve your goal. In addition, we are your enormous safety net to catch and cover everything from last-minute creative inspiration to unforeseen unknowns.

As we see it, you can rent space and time from another soundstage, but we provide something more: solutions and security. Need to build practical sets? Work in our woodshop. Need a production office? Work in our fully-equipped production suite the week before the shoot. Need more space for your production team?? Our Hobo House location is just 3 blocks away! TONS of space to spread out during your pre-production endeavor.

Our Virtual Backlot: Pre-Production Powerhouse
We’re committed to “pulling back the curtain” to reveal the truth behind our Virtual Backlot. Here’s what you need to know… At this point, the technology is no longer bleeding edge at all — it’s now well established with a well-worn path to success.

We’ve created a list of VSet/Virtual Backlot FAQs on our blog, but we can answer a few right here:

Q: How is the Virtual Environment designed?
A: The same as always – with the help of a designer who works in the 3-D workspace.

Q: Does it add significant cost?
A: Quite the contrary. You can build unimaginable production value into your environment, especially of you make use of the plentiful royalty free assets that can be found on the web, at a fraction of the cost of either set building or going on location.

Q: Does the Virtual Set need to be completed before production.
A: Absolutely not. Our system allows you to finish your CG AFTER principle photography, so you can shoot with only a wireframe of your set, and finish in the comfort of a post-suite.

The main difference in the Virtual Set production process is this: To access this image-elevating, pandemic-smart, cost-saving, sustainable set-creation tool, most of your to-do list is on the Pre-Production end.

We’re here to provide world-class support for Creators that doesn’t break the bank. All these things are in place and ready to kick into gear oh so easily at our Virtual Backlot.

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