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As a “By Producers, For Producers” Soundstage, we have decades of experience on “both sides”. And over the years, we’ve learned that there are clear advantages to working with companies that understand the needs of productions and producers.

Cost, Convenience, and Comfort.
Many of our client consultations are about these three universal topics. Our approach to helping productions control costs involves thoughtful upfront planning to help leverage the added value that only a Turnkey Soundstage can deliver. For example, some equipment and services cost double what we charge to bring in on your own… That’s because it’s often standard for soundstages to charge a la carte for every last clothespin… (That’s their biz model – eek.) At Cobalt, we create value by including more of the basics, gratis. Then there’s Turnkey convenience—having everything you need here and ready to go is a proven time and sanity-saver. Between our private furnished client spaces, Hoboken House location, and generous free amenities, we do our absolute best to impress you and your clients with boutique hotel-level comfort.


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