Cobalt’s Guide to Post-Production

In our Soundstage for Creators series, we’re talking about smart strategies for meeting the creative community’s rapidly-evolving needs. Read on for our strategies to make Post-Production an efficient and uplifting experience.

Should You “Fix it in Post?”
Today’s incredible Post-Production tools make it tempting to push more effects work to the Post-Production phase. Should you?? Our in-house VFX maestro, Alex Fernbach, had this to say, “Some things are better handled In-Production while others are more expensive to do in Post. Cobalt is an effects supervisor’s best friend because we have the knowledge and resources on hand to elevate your image efficiently and cost-effectively. We offer Motion Control robotics, but if your effect can be achieved with a simple mirror, we’ll tell you. We’re client-centric and tool-agnostic.” As a by-producers, for-producers soundstage, we believe that nurturing our client relationships means more than renting out a piece of equipment.

Virtual Sets & Post-Production
When you’re working with Virtual Sets, Post-Production does take center stage – and many have lots of questions on the topic. Our Virtual Backlot is purpose-built to create the most efficient production path for our clients. Productions like “The Mandalorian” use the latest VSet technology to show a live composite, but outside of Hollywood, it’s untenable.

For most productions, having all your CG assets designed and approved before shooting begins is a tall order and an unreasonable stressor. The tried and true green screen production path gives you the slack you need, so you can work out the time consuming nuances in Post at a fraction of the cost (and risk). Trying to do this Live (like with the Unreal Engine), can bring production to an unnecessary halt – sometimes for the slightest thing. Post-Production resources for VSets are so well-distributed and so reasonably-priced, we can easily guide you toward the CG professionals you need to make the most of your budget and creativity.

Serving as a Post-Production Resource
We’re diligent about getting you your “day after actual” paperwork quickly, in a form that’s tidy and complete with no surprises. (And being Turnkey makes Cobalt’s invoices a lot shorter than most.) As a relationship-driven company, we’re happy to share our resources. And when you use our onsite production tools and support, our VFX technical notations are meticulous, so the editor isn’t guessing.

We’re here to provide world-class support to Creators from Pre to Post Production, and everything else in between.

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