Cobalt on the Road: Producing Projects, Coast to Coast

Got a project on the West Coast, or anywhere in the continental U.S.? We’ve also historically shot in Moscow, Beirut and Bucharest, too. Now, we’re delivering our signature support and cutting edge tools to a Los Angeles project where we’ve been asked to contribute our savvy know-how.

Sometimes all you need is a good beach.
We’re in LA now, working on a project with some pretty incredible time-travel cinematic tricks! While we love the control of working in the studio, we also LOVE jumping in an RV to support your exciting projects. In the past two months, we’ve done it twice. We can meet you wherever you are with trusted resources – both general production or VFX specific.

We deliver.
Relationships and experience are the keys to Cobalt’s success on the road. Clients often ask if we have accounts in LA, and the answer is yes! We’ve had active accounts set up for decades with reliable suppliers spanning camera rentals, lighting, grip, Motion Control, insurance, prop houses, VSet and more. We also nurture strong relationships with crew members on both coasts, so YES, we can also recommend a good gaffer or two!

We’re here to provide world-class service and support in the studio and on location— We produce, and help you produce,
Coast to Coast : )

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