Case Study: Using Our Two Locations in Tandem for a Pop Star’s Global Livestream

This past December, a Cobalt client needed to host a Global Livestream with the pop star Jessie J. The problem? Time zones. While other soundstages might have been able to host the project’s gigantic LED wall, few have our advanced Livestream capabilities. And none that we’ve ever heard of has our secret weapon: a fully-furnished production pied-à-terre that’s just a three-block stroll away from the action!
Hobo House ?

The client took advantage of our “shoot here, stay here” offering putting up their pod of crew members at the Hoboken House. With Jessie J tuning in from LA, the crew set up a 9′ x 16′ wall of LED monitors to broadcast to grateful fans all around the world! The LED wall—similar to the ones we created for IBM and others—is just one of the many options our clients have for pandemic-smart projects.

With crew safely ensconced three blocks away at Hobo House, crew members could get some rest nearby while reporting for duty in shifts through the night for fans on the other side of the country—and the world! Jessie J’s performance was recorded for posterity, and the crew was able to function brilliantly on a tough schedule. Got a tricky logistical or technical problem to solve?
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