Why Our Clients Love Hoboken

With most Tri-State soundstages consolidated in industrial Brooklyn, our quaint Hoboken village setting stands out. “Hollywood on the Hudson” has a lot to love—especially for clients. Here are some of the top reasons our clients say they love working with us here in Hoboken.

Closer and Convenient
Some productions choose Brooklyn locations because that’s where many PA’s live. Our clients, on the other hand, appreciate that we’re only 15 minutes from Midtown. They often choose to fly into Newark to stay at the W Hotel in Hoboken—they don’t want to deal with JFK just to be closer to Avenue W! The spectacular view of NYC’s skyline from the W Hotel’s river rooms ALONE is worth the trip. Hoboken also gets high praise for accessibility. The data company, AllTransit, gives our PATH train, bus, and ferry options a score of 9.5 for our “superlative combination of trips per week.” The “reverse-commute” makes driving here remarkably fast and stress-free, too. And as a bonus, after the shoot, it’s easy to head straight Upstate like we do on weekends, or head south to explore the Jersey shore 🙂

Small-Town Vibe
Let’s be honest. When your client steps out for a breather, being nestled between a salvage yard and an auto body shop isn’t relaxing or hospitable. The “West, West Village”, as we call it, is a destination in its own right and the perfect place to avoid crowds of tourists. Want to kick back after production wraps for the day? Grab a burger at Hoboken’s oldest bar, The Elysian Café, a charming stroll away from our soundstage and Hoboken House locations. Afterward, stretch your legs along the waterfront or check out our historic brownstones.

Drive-Up Suppliers
Our NYC colleagues know what we’re talking about… Parking can make or break your day. The larger lighting and grip houses moved to NJ years ago to take advantage of the wide-open spaces. And they all have big ole American parking lots where it’s easy to roll up, load up, and head out. We love Brooklyn, but when the nearest lot is 15 minutes away, whoever is trying to snag a spot and parallel-park a truck will wish you were shooting here in New Jersey where the prop shops and grip houses have plenty of accessible parking.

Our clients love Hoboken because it’s ultra-convenient and offers a laid-back college town vibe. If you haven’t experienced it yet, let us know! Ha – we’ll have to show you around!!

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