We’re built for producers.

Experience the ultimate production workplace,
The Hoboken House.

Produce here. Stay here. Shoot here.
Located three blocks from our soundstage, The Hoboken House is Cobalt’s versatile three-bedroom, three-bath Carriage House. It’s fully-furnished and production-ready, with high ceilings, an open floorplan, and great natural light. Built by producers, for producers… No other “home” location on the East Coast is supported by a 12,000 sq. ft. turnkey soundstage facility. Done.

The right balance of efficiency and hospitality.
Cobalt offers more than just space. We provide convenient access to cutting edge production tools, and we’re generous with amenities that make our locations feel more like home. That includes quiet, comfortable places to collaborate, well-appointed kitchens, locally-sourced, organic coffee, and even the lemon-scented green cleaner we make ourselves.

Sustainable sets made affordable.
If you’re not experienced with Virtual Sets yet, let us show you the ropes! Our Virtual Backlot provides a cost-effective, low-carbon-footprint alternative to practical sets or shooting on location. Leverage our computer-generated Virtual backlot to set scenes anywhere you can imagine – with zero waste!

Comprehensive, cutting-edge production tools.
We’ve been in the business for over 25 years, and we’ve always been early adopters so that we can offer the East Coast the most comprehensive inventory of onsite production tools. Our in-house motion control robotics specialist, Alex, can help you customize solutions to lower your costs and stress. Feel free to give him a call!

We built Cobalt so you can focus on what matters most—doing great work. We’re generous with support and supplies because it helps our clients avoid costly delays and creative compromises 🙂