We help producers overcome complexity to shoot with confidence.

We’re Turnkey.
Our onsite equipment inventory and amenities simplify and streamline setting up your production. Turnkey means everything is already here, sanitized, and ready to roll. Our turnkey production tools include, but aren’t limited to: Motion control robotics, rigging, lights, high-end lenses & cameras, home ec kitchen, Livestreaming, Video Village, and the East Coast’s 1st Virtual Backlot for working with Virtual Sets for “The New Production Era”.

We’re Safe.
Together with our enhanced disinfecting protocols and industrial-sized Ozone air purifiers, Cobalt’s size and layout also makes it easier to shoot safe. Our 12,000 square foot facility includes a 7,000 square foot soundstage— plus several separate, fully-networked, fully furnished spaces. Btw, our 20-foot ceilings also support a safer ratio of air space-to-people. And three blocks away, our furnished 2,000 square foot Carriage House is a safe, private place to work, shoot, and stay.

We’re Open.
New Jersey has been supportive of us as we reopen, and our safe shooting protocols meet or exceed all state standards. As a by-producers, for-producers soundstage, we’re uniquely equipped to understand your needs and offer help. Reach out to us for more information on New Jersey’s virus mitigation requirements, the New Jersey Film and TV Tax Credit, and anything else you need to know to shoot with confidence. We’re always here to support you.