The Cobalt Experience and Why it Matters

As a “by producers, for producers” Turnkey Soundstage, we understand the pressure productions feel even during the best of times. We manage teams, budgets, and all sorts of complexity. We also nurture creativity and collaboration— all at the same time. It’s a tall order anytime! But during these times… everything is magnified… So, if your workspace is uncomfortable or inconvenient, you’re really gonna feel it.

Nothing kills good energy and creativity more than stress and struggle; therefore, our “Soundstage Reimagined” mindset is all about practicality and thoughtfulness. We care deeply about helping our clients raise the vibration onset, so everyone can feel their best, to focus on the work. With non-traditional soundstage amenities like relaxation areas, aromatherapy, cozy furnishings, and our VIP Spa Trolley, we welcome you to make yourself a home away from home with us.

Clients tell us their days on set are invigorated by access to ‘social-distance-friendly’ breakout spaces with flexible work stations, private conference rooms, and unique accommodations like The Hoboken House. Private spaces are essential to us, as are the areas that also support collaborative work. Throughout our facility you’ll find a balance of both — designed to boost performance, productivity, and yes—Happiness 🙂

Providing a production environment that’s furnished, with access to an exceptional inventory of tools and technology is our pleasure. We offer advanced Livestreaming and Video Village with networked monitors and stage views strategically positioned throughout our space. This way, teams can spread out, share ideas, keep track of shooting, and collaborate in real-time. And our sweet Hoboken Village offers a chill vibe to help everyone relax just a titch more than they might in good ole, industrial Brooklyn.

If you haven’t already, please come by to check us out—either virtually or in-person. We love turning people on to Hoboken’s unique charm, and sharing all that EXTRA hospitality we put into the Cobalt experience.

Get in touch.