Space to Spread Out

How Productions are Shooting Safely at Cobalt

Spreading out has never been more essential. Here’s what we offer in NJ and how Tri-State productions make the most of it at Cobalt.

Our Standalone Facility
Our highly-controlled boutique space hosts one production at a time, so YOU HAVE THE PLACE ALL TO YOURSELVES – No other productions germs, eek! It’s easy to social distance in our 12,000 square-foot facility with our 20-foot ceilings. And thankfully, Hoboken lends its small-town vibe to help productions feel safe ‘n sound and in control.

What we’re NOT:

An aggregation of many stages with lots of people from different productions in attendance.

Copious Breakout Spaces
Our 7,000 square-foot soundstage is supported by generous, networked breakout spaces that make it easy to social distance, have a private conversation, or just take a breather. Our pandemic-smart clients are using our garage more than ever—mostly as a catering space. Our Production Suite offers a private bathroom with a laundry machine that helps VIPs like Jerry Seinfeld make themselves at home. We also offer a Conference Room, Client Room, Home Ec Kitchen, and Meditation Room. Our Hair and Makeup Balcony has its own entry and stage access which is excellent for staying on top of things while safely getting in character.

What we’re NOT:

One big warehouse that you have to parcel out.

Hoboken and The Hoboken House
Located fifteen minutes from Midtown, our Hoboken town feels a world away from big city traffic and crowds. We also offer Hobo House, a separate 2,000 square foot Carriage House— three blocks from our soundstage where you can shoot, stay, and work. Clients have always made great use of its private courtyard, secure breezeway, and private patio by using these additional spaces for shipping and receiving, food tents, and a talent holding space. Now productions are using it as a clever “health screening stop” where people can drop in, be screened, and make their way over to our Main Stage three blocks away.

What we’re NOT:

Just a soundstage.

New Jersey leads the nation in safe shoots

and Hoboken is closer to midtown than Brooklyn.

If you haven’t shot in NJ lately,
there’s a lot to catch up on.

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