Shooting Tabletop at Cobalt

The Ideal Location for Close-Up Cinematography

Expert Advisors
Alex is the architect behind Cobalt’s close-up cinematography inventory—all the lenses and devices that make tabletop magic look easy. He’s on hand to connect our clients with the space, tools, and advice that make Cobalt ideal for tabletop products. And he’s saved our clients thousands by providing the generous space and equipment redundancies they need to work, simultaneously, instead of sequentially. You can set up multiple stations so lighting/ rigging crews, grips, electricians, set carpenters, prop people, and your art department can stay busy all the time — instead of taking turns working. This strategy may mean investing an extra $1000 in props, product, and lighting for multiple tabletops — all to save your production $1000 AN HOUR in crew costs. Alex speaks from experience, and loves to share 🙂

Home Ec Kitchen
Our home ec kitchen was purpose-built for food styling. The main door opens directly to the stage, and a side door opens to an extra large prep area. Key features include: Our one-of-a-kind, custom-built bake-up oven that allows you to see and experience the magic of baking in real-time or in time-lapse; our high-volume gas mains and purpose-built exhaust system for fire effects; our versatile kitchen amenities including an industrial range hood, adjustable-height stainless steel tables, four baker’s racks, forty full sheets, chest freezers and two double-door refrigerators that accommodate full sheets. There’s even a grocery store half a block away for last-minute needs!

Cutting Edge Tools
Tabletop tools are highly specialized to shoot smaller, faster, and closer while retaining a high resolution. If you need to capture the bubbles in a bottle of beer with the crispest detail imaginable, you’ll want to be shooting over at Cobalt. Regular equipment doesn’t scale down to tabletop size, and over the years, Alex has acquired—and invented—the right devices to capture the moment. We offer macro lenses, our unique bellows-focusing Epic Dragon, and a comprehensive inventory of miniature motion control tools to deliver uncompromised precision. We have the tools you need to lift, push, pull, and rotate products—and the specially-modified lighting equipment you need to get the shot.

Science in the Service of Art
More than any other production discipline, tabletop requires a high degree of creativity and technical expertise. Come to Cobalt for the space, equipment, and expertise to help you
elevate your tabletop images.

Let’s talk tabletop!