Safe Shoot Update: How productions are shooting safely with us

We want to thank our clients and production companies who are trailblazing the world of Safe Shoots with us. We’re honored that you chose us to support you!

Four ways
we’re helping clients shoot safely:

We maintain a thoroughly disinfected space and equipment, with enhanced protocols that include running our industrial-sized ozone machine between shoots.

Our turnkey soundstage offers a comprehensive inventory of onsite production tools supporting small crew size, plus emergency expendables for last-minute problem-solving without needing to run around to multiple vendors.

We’re committed to following New Jersey’s good safety guidelines concerning reduced occupancy, mask use, virus mitigation, and more.

We take our cues from you. Whatever your unique requirements are, we’re happy to help accommodate them, so your Safe Shoot is a success!

Join our TV and commercial clients who are back to work and shooting safely with us! We’re always here to help you strategize and succeed 🙂