Safe Shoot Strategies: Remote Camerawork

Until this pandemic, Motion Control robotics has been used mainly as a creative VFX tool. Sometimes called “Precision Playback”, Motion Control makes it possible to program and repeat complex camera moves with a degree of precision that is impossible for humans to replicate on our own.

Fully Automated for Social Distancing On Set
In today’s production landscape, Cobalt’s comprehensive inventory of Motion Control tools empowers our clients to shoot with remote-control cameras. Productions benefit by reducing crew on set by 2-3 people. By pre-programming and editing camera moves, remotely, you can shoot without a camera operator, camera assistant, dolly grip and focus puller physically on set. We can even operate multiple rigged devices, remotely. On a recent shoot, we built a rig to mechanize a laser that had to trace up, none other than, Jerry Seinfeld’s leg while he was strapped to a table a la Frankenstein.

Robots to Help You Create Without Limits
With 36 feet of track and an effective vertical range of 7 feet, our Gazelle’s 6-foot boom arm can execute large-scale camera moves with total precision. Camera moves can be pre-programmed and saved, then recalled, edited, and played back, as required. For more complex movements, we can incorporate our massive 4-foot turntable to spin an entire set, or our miniature rotators to spin product or props. We can trigger DMX lighting cues in total sync with the camera moves, and motorize a Fisher dolly in conjunction with one of our pan-tilt heads. Focus and zoom are never a problem because we can motorize any lens for remote operation. We even have a motorized an Arri head for heavy-duty applications.

The V Set/Video Village Connection
All of this robotic activity can be operated remotely, with video sent to our Video Village, where it’s distributed instantly throughout the facility and Livestreamed to all remote participants. Incoming audio from the livestream can also be sent directly to our playback sound system for broadcast to all participants on stage.

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