Safe Shoot Strategies: Imagine the Future of Production

Decades before Cobalt Stages opened to the public, John Lennon’s iconic “Imagine” music video was shot here by a prior owner. As a tribute to our always magical space and Cobalt’s history of innovation and imagination, we came up with “Soundstage Reimagined” when we first founded Cobalt. It seemed to ring true, then, and in light of recent events, well… our existing ideas and technologies take new shape and significance.

Imagine: the Future of Production
The pandemic has fast-forwarded the evolution of production practices. More clients are staying home, so productions need Livestreaming tools and knowledgeable help to support online collaboration. Social distancing on set requires bigger spaces, more individual workspaces, and high-tech production tools like Virtual Set and Motion Control. At Cobalt, we’re a step ahead because we’re already prepared to provide these options.

We’re Ready to Help
We’ve never been content following trends—we prefer to set them. And as our community responds to the changing production landscape, we welcome you to embrace our high-tech ways and to lean on us for support. Never used Virtual Sets before? No worries, we can walk you through it. Need to host clients AND talent virtually for a while? Let’s talk Livestreaming. Ready to dive into the world of remote camerawork? Our Motion Control maestros have decades of experience. Not sure WHERE to begin? We would be honored to help.

Let’s Go!
Everyone at Cobalt is passionate about adopting cutting edge technologies and repurposing existing production solutions in thoughtful new ways.
What are your biggest challenges right now, and how can we help?

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