Safe Shoot Strategies: How Cobalt’s Virtual Backlot Simplifies Safe Shooting

Our Virtual Backlot offers high-tech, low-stress social distancing.

High-tech, Low-stress Social Distancing
Want to limit crew on set, while saving time, money, and the environment? Get to know Cobalt’s Virtual Backlot—the first on the East Coast. We can help you shoot on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, on the moon, or in any other setting you can imagine—while dramatically reducing the amount of crew and staff on set.

Simple Solutions for Supply Challenges
Traditional practical sets require you to build, scenic, prop-shop, and dress your entire set. Add in our current supply scarcity and social distancing, and traditional set-building becomes difficult or impossible. The set of your dreams can be created in CG with more detail and texture than you can build. The only practical elements you need are the props that are actually being touched. And you don’t have to limit the scope and scale of your vision—even vast, photorealistic environments like “Black Panther’s” Wakanda are possible and practical—right here in Hoboken.

Sustainability Without Creative Compromises
Why build an expensive set, only to discard it? Virtual Sets are zero-waste, and they create a minuscule carbon footprint. Because they’re inexpensive, easy to use, and empower productions to work with fewer people on set, there’s no good reason not to adopt this eco-friendly best practice now.

We’ve recently helped Lowes and IBM to leverage this powerful, practical technology. As you explore new approaches for Safe Shooting, our Virtual Set advisors are always ready with strategies and solutions.

We’re always here to advise you on how to Shoot Safe.
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