Safe Shoot Strategies: Control Matters. Soundstage vs. On-location.

It’s all about control.
Soundstages are trending—especially turnkey ones like Cobalt. It makes sense because producers are more concerned than ever about working in a controlled environment where crowd control is a non-issue, and virus mitigation solutions are in place.

Efficiency and convenience.
Team Cobalt’s Alex started out in documentaries, and when people asked what he did, he’d reply, “Mostly unloading vans and hauling stuff around.” Taking productions on the road is expensive, time-consuming, and risky. In-studio, there’s adequate power, and your equipment is safe. And with Virtual Sets, it’s easy to achieve stunningly textured environments in-studio with the flexibility to shoot in a penthouse and a treehouse on the same day.

The Soundstage as Laboratory.
Production experiments demand a controlled environment, but “in the wild,” you’re inundated with variables like sound, light, and crowds. The pressure is always on to get things done while the sun is cooperating! Working in-studio, you’ve weeded out those problems, and you have the opportunity to envision and conjure everything yourself. Start with a white cyc in the morning, and by afternoon, you’ve got the back of a restaurant or a bike repair shop. Creatively, it’s a very precise and satisfying way to work.

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