No Max Crew Size in New Jersey!

Our success hosting larger crews is thanks to You!

Ever-responsive to the Tri-State production community’s needs, New Jersey provides a safe and flexible home for larger productions. Part of NJ’s success in hosting larger crews is thanks to you. Strict adherence to the state’s protocols is a team effort, and we’re not just meeting state requirements—we’re exceeding them! Here’s a big thanks to everyone who’s been working within our Safe Shoot guidelines to encompass distancing, sanitizing, mask and glove use, as well as limiting cast and crew on set to only those required. That means anyone who can work remotely should, and our world-class Livestreaming setup is here to help you make that a great experience. However, if you need to be on set, we welcome you (and your social distance smile that radiates whether we can see it through your mask or not 🙂

How NJ is leading the nation:

New Jersey is responsive to the unique needs of productions.

New Jersey’s guidelines are that we adhere to the state’s Safe Shoot protocols, but they kindly don’t specify a maximum crew size.

The Garden State’s Film and Digital Media Jobs Act saves productions up to 35% on ABOVE AND BELOW THE LINE expenses. (New York’s tax credit is limited to below the line expenses.)

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