New Jersey is leading the nation in safe shoots

and Hoboken is closer to Midtown than Brooklyn.

We want to recognize The New Jersey Motion Picture and Television Commission for their extraordinary leadership. We always celebrate our Hoboken location for its small-town vibe and for being closer, safer, and more convenient to Midtown than Brooklyn. Now, we want to give a shout out to The Garden State for being the Safe Shoot leader.

How NJ is leading the nation:

New Jersey is responsive to the unique needs of productions.

New Jersey’s guidelines are that we adhere to the state’s Safe Shoot protocols, but they kindly don’t specify a maximum crew size.

The Garden State’s Film and Digital Media Jobs Act saves productions up to 35% on ABOVE AND BELOW THE LINE expenses. (New York’s tax credit is limited to below the line expenses.)

If you haven’t shot in NJ lately,
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