Netflix Back at Cobalt with Jerry Seinfeld

For a recent promo shoot with Jerry Seinfeld, Netflix needed a location convenient to NYC, combined with an extraordinary level of comfort, convenience, and privacy. As a repeat Cobalt client, they knew just where to park their production! What they didn’t know yet, was that impromptu creative ideas would come up in the course of the shoot that only Cobalt’s “Swiss Army Knife of Studios” could make happen.

Cobalt’s VIP rooms and spacious, well-appointed workspaces add a layer of hospitality you won’t find at a bare-bones soundstage. Celebrity talent like Jerry love shooting at Cobalt, where they can take over our separate second-floor production suite—complete with stage views, networked Video Village monitors, and a private bathroom with shower, washer, and dryer. When the production wanted to try out an ambitious last-minute scene (involving Jerry strapped to a table and threatened with a James Bond-style laser beam), Team Cobalt pulled out all the stops to MacGyver a solution on the spot.

We did more than host a VIP in complete comfort and privacy. With our Turnkey solution, Team Cobalt was able to quickly set up a custom Motion Control rig to move the “laser beam” smoothly and precisely in three directions to show Seinfeld’s character in mortal peril at the hands of a madman. Not only did Cobalt have the mechanical parts and expertise on hand to do the job, but we also had the emergency expendables to make the prop visually convincing. The concept was successfully executed without creative compromises. And nobody was stressed out or sent out shopping in a pandemic — so the vibe onset was fun and productive from start to finish.

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