How We’re Using Safe Shoot Tools to Help Producers

Helping producers problem-solve is our specialty.
Get to know our pandemic-smart Turnkey soundstage and let our experienced team help you make the most of it.

Livestreaming and Video Village
We recommend Livestreaming as a way to limit crew size on set. Clients and collaborators can keep tabs from anywhere with continuous HD quality footage delivered in real-time. For over a decade, we’ve invested in our Industry-leading Livestream capabilities, and mastered the skills needed to support your creative vision and remote working requirements. Already on our second generation of Livestreaming hardware, we have the tools in place to help you switch and stream from multiple video sources. Streaming from Video Village unlocks endless additional options for video inputs and content! We’re always here to help you strategize and customize the setup that’s right for you.

Virtual Sets
A must-have resource for producers and directors, our Virtual Backlot is more essential than ever for shooting safely in a pandemic. As the first soundstage to offer Virtual Sets to the public on the East Coast, we’ve been able to help clients like IBM and Lowe’s make the most of this high-tech social distancing tool. Virtual Sets deliver a degree of rich, photorealistic detail that’s completely convincing—and it works without needing to build practical sets or location travel. Our Virtual Backlot unlocks an infinite world of creative potential where you can shoot in any setting, real or imagined— safely.

Remote Camerawork Robotics
Sometimes called “Precision Playback”, Motion Control tools make it possible to program and repeat complex camera moves with a degree of precision that is impossible for humans to replicate. In today’s production landscape, Cobalt’s comprehensive inventory of Motion Control tools empowers our clients to remote-control cameras by reducing crew on set by two to three people. When pre-programming and editing camera moves, remotely, you can shoot without a camera operator, camera assistant, and focus puller physically on set. We can even operate multiple rigged devices, remotely, to help maintain social distancing.

Founded by producers for producers, Cobalt understands your needs better than your average soundstage. We’re here to deliver the solutions you need in these unprecedented times.

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