How We’re Disrupting the Soundstage Industry.

The Tri-State production community is living and working in an era of disruption where rapid change redefines how we live and work. While it’s taken a lot of hard work to adapt to new conditions, at Cobalt, disruption is in our DNA. We founded Cobalt to deliver a new kind of production experience on the East Coast with amenities and technologies previously only available in LA. Read on for some thoughts about how and why we do things differently here— and how we’re helping our clients rise above challenges in changing times.

Extraordinary Client Experience
The soundstage is often thought of as a blank slate, but the total experience shapes your work and working relationships in profound ways. Even the village-style setting of our Hoboken neighborhood sets the stage for a calm, focused work experience compared to a more-typical industrial environment. (You can take the girl out of small-town Texas, but you can’t take the small-town vibes out of the girl. 🙂 ) VIP clients often ask for Cobalt by name because of our uncrowded, discreet location with comfortable, fully-furnished spaces and generous free amenities. We’re well prepared for social distancing because our soundstage facility is filled with private rooms and areas for working and regrouping away from the action while still connected through Video Village.

Cutting-Edge Technology
We’ve made it our business to become experts in Virtual Production techniques, robotics-based Remote Camerawork, and Livestreaming. We’ve invested in the tools to make them ultra-accessible to our clients. Our Virtual Backlot, the first on the East Coast, can set your story anywhere you can imagine, without going on location. Our Motion Control robotics help boost creativity while limiting crew size. Our advanced Livestreaming capabilities have become a must-have for pandemic-smart productions to collaborate effectively no matter where team members are based. Beyond the digital realm, we offer more inventory onsite than any other soundstage we know, with Leica Summacron lenses, rigging, lights, a fully-stocked Home Ec kitchen, off charts broadband, yadda, yadda 😉

Strategic Client Support
Helping producers problem-solve their projects is one of our specialties. Producers, managers, and coordinators love working at Cobalt because we understand their challenges wayyyy better than your average soundstage. As a company founded by producers, for producers, we have the expertise to offer strategic support you won’t find anywhere else. When you book our locations and services for your productions, we take the time to listen, and we’re quick to offer solutions that save productions time, money, and stress.

As disruption intensifies and reshapes our Industry, we’re here to help position you at the forefront of creativity and innovation.

Disrupt with us.