Case Study: Solving Livestreaming Complexity for a Commercial Production

A producer and longtime Cobalt client came to us with this Safe Shoot challenge. The producer’s client, a well-known health & beauty brand, needed to connect about twenty-five collaborators via Livestream. Team members were spread out across many different U.S. cities, and the project required high-res images, shared in real-time, from multiple sources. Our producer-client wanted to know, could we make it bulletproof?

Thankfully, Team Cobalt has the technical expertise and tools in place to solve Livestreaming challenges just like this one. We provided the production team—a hybrid of in-person and remote collaborators—with HD footage straight from the camera, but that’s not all! We also set up a camera in the wardrobe department, so decision-makers could make real-time wardrobe approvals from anywhere. To manage a high number of collaborators, we handpicked our video conference platform for its robust group chat and private sidebar chat features. Our facility is equipped with reliable hardwired internet with 850mb per second bandwidth for ultimate speed and stability. To reduce crew size onset, we employed an all-in-one encoder, switcher, and recorder. And to maximize versatility, we’re set up with world-class video format conversion capabilities—that means we can accept footage in any HD format. This alone is a major consideration since there are at least a dozen HD formats in use.

We were able to meet the project’s complex Livestreaming requirements beautifully, and our client didn’t have to worry about a thing. With our copious private breakout spaces, the Livestream’s chief engineer (Team Cobalt’s Chloe) was able to maintain her distance to reduce the number of people on set. And while we offered some options that this production didn’t use (like recording), we were able to go the extra mile by branding the livestream with our clients logo to the HD teleconference footage for a highly-polished presentation.

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