Case Study: John Mulaney x Netflix @ Cobalt

Cobalt Stages recently hosted a promo shoot for the Netflix hit “John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch.” The shoot involved two kinds of special talent: VIP John Mulaney and 15 child actors! With our diverse Industry experience, we’ve worn many hats in front and behind the camera. We understand that special talent has unique needs, and we know exactly what those needs are. So, we fashioned our soundstage to exceed expectations in meeting them.

When you host a cast of 15 children, they come with parents and tutors in tow—that’s a lot of people. Add in the Netflix team, the star, their people, and a sizable crew… and well, you really should be shooting at Cobalt. Our multiple, fully-furnished support rooms offer quiet, versatile spaces where people can regroup, review footage, or hold a private meeting away from the action. Our Hoboken facility provides a discreet location where high profile talent can slip in and slip out
without attracting unwanted attention.

We did more than accommodate the needs of 15 children, their parents and tutors, and the crew. Our commitment to hospitality and thoughtful extras made it comfortable and cozy without any additional expense. We’re told that the gracious and hilarious Mr. Mulaney put in a good word for Cobalt with Netflix execs, and we’re thrilled to report that they’ve already scheduled another shoot at Cobalt!

Let’s Work Together!